What Do You Need A 3D Printer For?

A friend of mine posed that question to me and I did not want to give him an answer but with the energy of the conversation we had going, I had to give a response. My real need for owning one will be to help add to my model railroad layout. Really being able to scale items that you can not find to order or build from a kit. Kitbashing is a popular way to create a custom look on layouts but I believe making 3D Items will be a more rewarding experience.

I also believe that it will help me continue to learn and grow my mind with a good bit of fun (and patience) thrown in.

Do I think that a 3D printer I will be able to replace broken parts and keep some household items from being thrown away? Maybe, we will need to see what challenges us. The part would need to be scanned or drawn by hand to a high degree of precision for it to match perfectly with the item you were trying to replace thou.

I don’t need a fidget spinner or 10 huge vases or a scale model that would just collect dust.

If I need something, I mean really need it, like a tool or gift to be a blessing and it can be made by me, I think that is amazing.

I think we are all made to create. If you are using your hands and mind together whether it is art or machine, something copied to learn or way out there original. I think the 3D Printers helps visualize imagination into reality. One of the greatest thing you can make on a printer I saw on Thingiverse was a straw connector. Now that for young inventors everywhere. Thing Number: 45682

If I was hired to build a 3D Printer to make my storm shelter on Mars, Oh my goodness. Ah, we just yesterday found out that NASA does not have the money to send humans to Mars, that ok don’t worry, we will go anyway.

Space.com report on 3d printed challenge.

But how do you learn how to do that? We start talking and sharing now like the community of makers are doing. From figuring out desktop units extruding bacon filament to massive printer extruding concrete use the same principles. FYI: Bacon sounds random but Proto-Pasta Filament was helping Joel of 3DprintingNERD do some testing to further the understanding of 3D printing with some help from his son. It was a great episode on how to extrude perfect filament.

What will I use my printer for? The mind blowing thought is I do not know what uncreated thing that is not even designed yet could be made by my printer.

OK, maybe just one fidget spinner to calm me down waiting on a print to finish.

Go Make!



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