CAM00003I am truly enjoying the leaps of evolution in today’s technology, and that we are apart of it.

My personality has lend itself to the love of electronics and machines. As a child, I remember taking apart my toys to see how they work. Curious of the industrial world that has changed around me. From watching us land on the moon, to trying to figure out how to get back there, my life window has seen this moment of history, and it has been amazing.

I am creative, and work in a full time job as a graphic designer, developing projects for screen printing and full color advertising. Under a deadline driven environment, you develop designs from skills of experience from 25 years in the field. I have a full working knowledge of Illustrator, Photoshop and Microsoft Visual Basic, Arduino IDE  and MySQL.

On the 3D side, I use Google SketchUp and have a building knowledge of Cura.

Skills in the physical world include: Model Railroading, Welding, Auto Repair, Home Construction and Woodworking.

My blogging has been my way for me to share, and to document my learning of skills to the public. I hope to enjoy my style and sense of humor.

Be Blessed,